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Carousel Trivia Quiz

To get the answers to the trivia quiz visit the Heritage Carousel of Des Moines located in Union Park on Des Moines' East Side. Print this page and bring it with you to the carousel.

1. How many horses are there to ride on the carousel?

2. What is the total number of animals on the carousel that can be ridden?

3. Which of the animals does not go "up and down"?

4. What is the total number of animals on the carousel? (This is a trick question)

5. How many horses are there on the carousel? (not all of them can be ridden)

6. How many American flags are there?

7. What is the state bird of Iowa?

8. How many of them are on the carousel?

9. How many light bulbs?

10. How many mirrors on the carousel?

11. How long is each ride?

12. How many revolutions does the carousel make per ride?

13. What is the cost to ride the carousel?

14. When did the carousel begin to operate in Union Park?

15. How many riders have ridden the carousel during the last season?

16. Who created the carousel and where are they located?

17. What material are the animals made of?

18. How many carousels are there in Des Moines? Where are they located?

Special Thanks To:
Eric J. Hermann Design & Photography - many, many photos and website design
JTM MultiMedia, Inc. - website hosting, maintenance & happy-to-help attitude

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